Congratulations to Massage Therapists Jessica Jenkins and Robin Haymond on your new Medical Massage Certification
What does that mean for our clients?
It means that ALL the Massage Therapists at MassageAtWork are now Certified Medical Massage Therapists.  
If your insurance allows, and with a doctor’s prescription, we are able to submit claims  and we also accept FSA cards. 
Whether you have been in a car accident or need massage for any other medical necessity, please contact one of our Certified Medical Massage Therapists  for more information.  
We are looking forward working with you as part of your healthcare team. 704-282-4758,


Massage@monroe has 2 locations located at the MAFC.

The MAFC has on-site licensed Massage Therapists and a licensed Esthitician that can help soothe away daily stress and aches.  They offer relaxing and therapeutic Swedish massage, neuro-muscular and deep tissue massage. 

Gift Certificates are available for thoughtful massage gift-giving throughout the year.
Call the Front Desk to schedule an appointment and inquire about fees. 704-282-4681
Massage Therapy is available for members and non-members.  
  • Swedish Massage:  The most commonly offered and best known type of massage.  It uses a firm but gentle pressure to improve the circulation, ease aches and tension, improve flexibilty and create relaxation.
    30 min $30.00 or 60 min $60.00
  • Hotstone:  Massage combined with the penetrating heat of volcanic basalt stones placed on key energy spots or tight muscles on your body.
    30 min #35.00 or 60 min $65.00
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy: Promote well being by balancing the autonomic nervous system by ways of manipulating the cerbral spinal fluid.
    60 min $60.00
  • Aromatherapy: Using warmed aromatherapy oils.  Theseare highly volatilepure essential oils with antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.
    30 min $35.00 or 60 min $70.00
  • Sabai Massage:  Heated Thai herbal balls are used during the course of a massage session and placed along the acupressure points of the body.  
    60 min $70.00  
  • Ashiatsu: An adaption of an ancient form of barefoot massage using deep compression effleuragegliding over the body.   
    30 min $35.00 or 60 min $70.00
  • Deep Tissue:  A massage technique that focuses on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.  It is used to release chronic muscle tension through slower strokes and more direct pressure or friction applied across the grain of the muscle.
    30 min 35.00 or 60 min $70.00
  • Raindrop Therapy: The Raindrop Technique, uses high quality, pure, organic, therapeutic-grade essential oils which are dispensed like little drops of rain from a height of about six inches above the back, mixed with a variety of very lightly massage techniques along the vertebrae and back muscles, Vita Flex massage and a warm compress application.
  • Mineral Wrap Therapy: Look smoother, tighter, and slimmer through the power of pure minerals, and reduce those unwanted inches, in just 1 hour! Mineral wraps work by using the principle of assimilation and elimination to promote the absorption of vital minerals while eliminating waste, for a true inch loss.