Fitness Room
The 14, 000 sq. ft. Fitness Room is the largest and most comprehensive facility in the area. It will meet your needs whether that involves weight management, sports specific training or knowledge on just how to get started.
Staff availablity/orientaion.

 For Cardiovascular Training  

  • 110 cardiovascular machines;
  • 40 treadmills,
  • 40 elliptical trainers
  • 20 Cycles (Spin, Upright & Recumbent)
  • 5  Cybex Trainers
  • 4 Stairmasters
  • 2 Jacobs Ladder
  • 2 Versa Climbers
  • 3 Rowers 


In our Free Weight area you'll find every size and type of weight needed to assist beginning and veteran weight lifters. Equipped with Cable Cross Overs, Power Racks, Smith Machines, Stair Steppers, Rowers, Upper Body Ergometers, Medicine Balls and  Plate Loaded Machines and over 7,000lbs of Free Weights for Men and Women.
Personal Training - Certified Personal Trainers are available for hire. They will design a personal workout to meet your fitness and health goals. Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or improve overall fitness, our personal trainers can develop a plan suited perfectly for your needs.

Kids License to Fitness
Under the supervision of our Fitness Staff, youth members ages 12 to 15 are taught how to properly and safely use equipment based on their size and age. Upon completion of the course, the youth member will receive a Fitness Room limited access pass
Fitness Center Features:
Orientation Programs • Equipment Training • One-on-One Exercise Consultation
•Personal Training • Free Weights • Cardiovascular Equipment • Circuit Strength Training •
Personalized Workout Charts

Age Requirements:
Age 8 and under are not permitted in the Fitness Room
Age 9-15 must complete a teen orientation before allowing access to the Fitness Room
Ages 9-13 must have a parent/guardian within arms length at all times.  Must also be in possesison of teen landyard at all times.
Age 9-11 years old may work out in the fitness room - Monday - Wednesday : 9am to 5pm  and Thursday - Sunday: Anytime
Must be 16 and older to workout on treadmill and stair master.

We have a personal trainer for everyone!

Find the right one for you and call 704-282-4595 to schedule a consultation.