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Meet Lisa Healy Amis...Medical Esthetician.

'Your skin is much like a thumb print, no two are exactly alike. However, each of us desire to be and look our best. Having served in the Spa industry for almost 30 years, I can honestly say my career is not a job but a passion. 

With extensive training in both Eastern and Western philosophies and treatments in skin and body health and wellness, I am able to take the best of Eastern holistic product and application with Western technology and cosmetic 

chemistry to create the ultimate customized service for each client’

‘I am thrilled to be back in Monroe and at the Aquatics Center.  It is a perfect place to facilitate the next step in personal care and create a treatment program and home regime to fit your personal goals and needs. 

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Massage at Monroe Esthetics Menu.


All Facials include: Deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, moisturizer and sunscreen

*Express Facial:               $45 (30-minutes)          *Basic Facial:                        $60 (45 minutes)      

*Microdermabrasion:        $75 (50 minutes)          *Chemical Peels:                  $75 (50 minutes)

*YOUTHBOOST:             $95 (50 minutes)          *Teen Deal Mini facial:          $35 (30 minutes)

Add-ons (starting at $5)

Collagen treatment, Elastin treatment, Galvanic, Hot/Cold Facial Stone, High Frequency, Facial Waxing, Hand and/or Foot deep exfoliating scrub, Anti-aging treatment...

Body Treatments

Body Bronzing (Cream tanning applied by hand) $65

Detox hydrotherapy treatment with customized facial: $95 (90 minutes)

Waxing, Starting at

                        Eyebrows:     $10                 1/2 Leg:         $25                 Underarms: $15    

                        Lip:                 $10                 Full Leg:         $40                 Half Arm:      $15

                        Chin:              $10                 Bikini  :           $30                 Full Arm        $25

                        Full Face        $30                 Chest:            $40                 Back             $40


Premium Package $325

Skin Resurfacing, 6 Treatments geared toward your specific needs! 

Includes Microdermabrasion, High Frequency and Collagen treatments.

¨ 2 Full Chemical Peel Facials  with high frequency

¨ 4 Express resurfacing treatments. 


Skin Consultations are FREE, and special events monthly for new clients, and for clients that bring a friend!

 Massage at Monroe services are open to MAFC members AND the public.

Lisa Amis Healy

Appointments: 704 282 4681 Info: 704 282 4762 


Lisa’s Hours of Operation:

MonMon & Tues: 3pm - 8pm,    Wed & Fri & Sat: 9am - 2pm

  & Tues: 3pm - 8pm,          Wed & Fri & Sat: 9am