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Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships are available for any corporation looking to initiate a health and wellness program for their employees.  

Through these programs, companies have been successful in improving the overall health of their employees.

As a corporate member you will receive 50% off the joining fee and 10% off the monthly dues. 

For detailed information about establishing a corporate membership, please contact Shannon Little at

Not sure if you are a corporate member?  Simply call 704-282-4680 and a front desk attendant will be happy to help you.

MAFC Corporate Package

Many employers today have initiated health and wellness programs for their employees.  Through these programs, companies have been successful in improving the overall health of their employees and reducing the number of days employees are absent with health problems.  Insurance companies have also begun to offer reductions in insurance premiums to employers with on-going wellness programs.

The Monroe Aquatics and Fitness Center, with the help of Presbyterian Hospital, Matthews can assist you in setting up and managing a wellness program for your employees and their families.

We have the ability to offer fitness assessments, blood pressure monitoring, cholesterol screenings, aerobics classes, weight training, personal training, water exercise classes, nutritional workshops, and much more.  Our computer system will also enable us to provide individual usage reports to companies on a quarterly basis for insurance documentation.

As a corporate member, your company would be able to offer a 10% discount off monthly membership fees to your employees.  Additionally, they will also receive 50% off of the initial one-time joining fee.

There is no charge for a company to initiate a corporate membership.  To qualify as a corporate member, a company must:

Enroll and maintain a minimum of 10 memberships and provide a company contact capable of reviewing faxes verifying employment.

We will be happy to come and meet with you to further discuss the benefits of corporate memberships and answer any other questions you may have.  We would also be happy to host employee presentations or set up membership information booths for employees. We hope your company will join the City of Monroe and many other Union County businesses in providing this monthly discount to your employees.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Shannon Little at (704) 282-4688.